Blind Child News

Apr 30

First round of photos from Buffington’s.

Photos by Merrill Taylor.

Apr 20

In the Workshop…

These past few weeks have been busy as hell.  Classes and rehearsal.  Danger and I have been in the workshop cranking out some new tunes.  Look forward to them…they’re dank.  Be prepared to come watch us open up for Groove Moose (Spectacular) on April 28th at Buffington’s at 11, and come watch us play at Capital City on April 30th, again at 11.

Hope you guys are enjoying your day.


Apr 3
Photo by Paul Cundey.

Photo by Paul Cundey.

First round of Pictures from GC’s Battle of the Bands in which Blind Child headlined.  Photo credit goes to Zack Emerick.

Mar 27

This is a new song that we wrote called Hold My Hand.  Pardon the screw up around the 30 second mark.  Damn drummers…

We decided to practice outside that day due to the fantastic weather.

Preparing for Battle of the Bands

Hey Guys,

First off, this is the new place to read about everything we do, be it practicing, show updates, etc., so keep checking back to find out when we’re playing.

Now, onto business:

This week we’re preparing for GCSU’s Battle of the Bands, in which we’re headlining.  All of those in or around Milledgeville, come listen to us!  The show takes place in the Magnolia Ballroom, and it starts at 7:00.  We will be going on around 10:00.  See you on Thursday!